Magno Scaffolding Pty. Ltd is a family-owned scaffolding supplier business established in September 1991. Our 30 years of experience can guarantee the quality of services that we bring to the table. Among the services we provide are for various industries related to marine maintenance and repair, construction works, industrial scaffolding access, commercial and public stairs access, and domestic house build.

We are currently a member of Queensland Master Builders. With an ever-changing and complex industry, we found the need for an organisation that helps uphold our value for quality and customer service. Aside from that, we are part of the Scaffolding Association of Queensland. Our dedication to quality is matched with our certifications so we can ensure that our reputation goes beyond lip service and more on striving for excellence with every project we take on.

Magno Scaffolding and Tropical Reef Shipyard Works Together for Quality Products and Services

Magno Scaffolding Pty. Ltd is an independent local supplier of scaffolding products and services to Tropical Reef Shipyard and associated maintenance crew within the Cairns region. With the continued support of Tropical Reef Shipyard, we uphold our commitment to expand and update our current supply of Layher Modular Scaffold Systems. We can also guarantee that our licenced personnel are equipped with regular regional training.

Tropical Reef Shipyard allows us to supply, and provide services to the industry, in a structured and supportive safe workplace. They are currently providing stability to our work landscape. We strongly believe that a strong and developing relationship with Tropical Reef Shipyard will provide support and assistance to achieve the best outcome for all concerned.

Our professional relationship with Tropical Reef Shipyard, through their fair and positive payment system, enables us to develop and increase our business. We work closely with Tropical Reef Shipyard so we can ensure that our services and products complement the maintenance programs, meeting our clients’ requirements on time.

In Magno Scaffolding Pty. Ltd, we facilitate and adhere to our legislative obligations to providing a safe and healthy work environment. We have proven that we can consistently improve our task results. We aim to continue providing Tropical Reef Shipyard with an evolving safe work ethic, following the Best Work Practices and Safety Standards.