Welcome to Magno Scaffolding!

Supplying our Clients with Reputable and Professional Scaffolding Rental Services 24/7

Magno Scaffolding is a reputable scaffolding rental service business based in Cairns, Queensland that prides upon its ability to supply scaffolding access and professional scaffolding services anytime 24/7 on request. We are here to meet your demands and preferences at whatever time is best and convenient for you.

We are a family-owned business since 1991. Our 30 years of experience can guarantee the quality of services that we bring to the table. Among the services we provide are marine maintenance and repair industry, construction/ industrial scaffolding access, commercial and public stair access and domestic house builds.


We Offer High Quality Australian Standard Scaffolding Systems

Magno Scaffolding is equipped with the Layher, the world’s largest producer of high-quality and practically tested, German-made modular scaffolding systems. We also have Alquip modular scaffolding system. It is engineered and manufactured in accordance with all of the relevant Australian Standards. It is also plant-registered for use in all states of Australia. These modular scaffolding are simpler, swifter, and, above all, safer for the construction, mining, petrochemical, civil engineering, and events sectors.

We are a Member of Queensland Master Builders

We are currently a member of Queensland Master Builders. With an ever-changing and complex industry, we found the need for an organisation that helps uphold our value for quality and customer service. Aside from that, we are part of the Scaffolding Association Queensland. Our dedication to quality is matched with our certifications so we can ensure that our reputation goes beyond lip service and more on striving for excellence with every project we take on.

We Offer Excellent Customer Service

Magno Scaffolding can service areas within 150 kilometre radius of Cairns. We value our clients as much as the quality of services we offer, so we make sure that we provide you with your expert and experienced professionals every step of the way. As we have mentioned, we can be at your doorstep or wherever you want, anytime of the day as long as your request it beforehand.

Feel free to check us out and contact us for your inquiries. Contact Darren Magno on 0408 183 786 or email darrenmagno@bigpond.com